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Go Karts Perth

Our circuit offers a variety of corners and high-speed sections to challenge all driver levels. Covering 3500sqm, we offer WA’s largest indoor go kart circuit, comprising over 350m of length and 7m wide, there is plenty of space to test your driving skills.

We offer the opportunity to ride in either a single kart by yourself, or a duo kart with a passenger or for the young drivers, we offer WA’s only indoor electric Junior Karts for 7-11yrs. We have something for everyone. Our karts are Italian designed and built, and have the capacity to reach speeds up to 75km/h. These go karts are electric offering superior torque and a smooth, quiet drive without any fumes.

Our Circuit

Go karting perth

Junior Karts

(Ages 7+ & 124 cm tall)

Indoor Karting

Senior Karts

(Ages 12+ & 147 cm tall)

Indoor Play

Duo Karts

(Ages Driver 18+ and Passenger 3+)

Play Centre

Go Karts FAQ’s

Do I need to book?

Yes we recommend you book online to secure your places and avoid delays. Bookings are given priority over walk ins.

What is the minimum age and height requirements?

Drivers must be at least 7 years old and 124cm tall to drive our Junior Karts. Senior karts are available for drivers over 147cm tall and 12yrs+. Younger or shorter children can drive alongside an adult in one of our Duo Karts. Please note for safety reasons, Junior Karts and Senior/Duo Karts can not race together on the track.

How long is 1 Race?

Track time alone is approximately 10 mins including the in and out laps. You will need to allow 45min in the venue when booking 1 race (longer at peak times). This will allow you time to register, sign in, complete the driver briefing, select your helmets and then complete your race. 

How fast do the karts go?

The manufacture has advised that the karts can go up to 75km/hr, depending on the race circuit.

What do I need to wear?
We ask all our drivers to wear enclosed shoes, have long hair tied up and no loose clothing. Scarfs, hoodies and loose items must be removed before driving. We also provide a head sock to be worn under helmets for hygiene and safety.
How many go karts can go on the track at the same time?

We can have up to 10 karts on the track at any given time. Junior karts and Senior karts run separately for safety as they operate at different speeds.

How big is the track?

Our go kart circuit is the largest indoor circuit in WA! Situated on over 3500sqm, the circuit is over 350m long, consists of 9 corners and 3 straights offering a challenge to even the most experienced racer!

Do you accept companion cards?

Yes, we offer companion card holders a discounted Duo Kart admission for $36 instead of $44.

Can you drink alcohol before driving?
No. Alcohol is not to be consumed prior to driving our karts.